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Falcon Mobility

Multipurpose Holder for Walking Frame, Cane and Crutches

Multipurpose Holder for Walking Frame, Cane and Crutches

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Some elderly users may need a walking frame, a cane or crutches to walk after dismounting from their mobility scooter. Adding a multipurpose holder will allow the user to bring their walking aid along. It can also be used to hang shopping bags.

The holder can be mounted on personal mobility aids (PMA) that have a 1-inch square accessory bracket under the seat.

It has an L-shaped design with two half-crescent hooks for holding the top part of the walking frame as well as shopping bags. 

Two small cups at the bottom help to hold crutches or walking sticks, with straps included to secure them.

The top half of the holder can also be extended higher up to accommodate walking frames that are taller.

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