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Mobility Scooter Repairs

Your mobility scooter has broken down and is unable to drive? We provide repair service for ALL models of mobility scooter, regardless of brand.

SERVICE CHARGES (w.e.f. 1 Sep 2016)

Walk-In Repair Charges

1. Diagnosis Fee : $ 70 per case handled

2. Battery Installation : $ 30 per set

3. Tyre Change : $ 30 for up to 2 tyres / $50 for up to 4 tyres

Battery Prices (Cash & Carry - Excludes Installation Charge)

1. 12AH SLA Batteries : $ 160 per pair

2. 20AH SLA Batteries : $ 220 per pair

3. 36AH SLA Batteries : $ 310 per pair

* Fees apply if Technician is required to install batteries on the scooter / wheelchair

On-Site Services

1. Battery Installation : $ 70 per trip

2. Tyre Change : $ 70 for up to 2 tyres or $ 90 for up to 4 tyres

3. Delivery and Collection Service : $100 for round trip

** On-site diagnosis is not available. If transportation to/fro Service Centre is required, total payable up front is $ 170 for Diagnosis and Round Trip Transportation.



    1. A standard diagnostic fee of $70 is payable upfront once we agree to take the case. This is just for us to check the scooter and excludes the cost of labour or parts needed to repair the scooter.

    2. The actual repair cost will be quoted to the customer after the diagnosis is completed. The customer can then decide whether to repair the machine, trade-in for a new mobility scooter, or collect it back in its original state. The diagnostic fee will not be refunded even if the customer decides not to repair the scooter.

    3. We cannot guarantee that the scooter can be repaired, as this is sometimes not possible due to the lack of parts, especially for those models which were not sold by Falcon Mobility, or which have been discontinued. The diagnostic fee will not be refunded for such cases.

    4. Transportation is not included in the diagnostic fee. If the customer needs us to transport the scooter between their home and the service centre, the cost is $100 for two-way transport.

    5. If a temporary replacement vehicle is needed, the customer can rent it from us (subject to availability). Rates are available at the link below:
      Mobility Scooter Rental

    6. After the quotation is provided, the customer has up to 7 days to decide whether or not to proceed with the repair. We reserve the right to dispose of the vehicle if no reply is received from the customer after 7 days.

    7. After the scooter is repaired, the customer has up to 7 days to collect the scooter. We reserve the right to dispose of the vehicle if it remains at our service centre after 7 days. This applies even if the customer is uncontactable during those 7 days.