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What are mobility scooters?

Mobility scooters, also known as motorised scooters or electric scooters, are designed for individuals who do not have the strength or find it difficult to stand and walk for extended periods of time or do not have the strength to work with a traditional wheelchair. In contrast to electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters are manoeuvred using tillers, which are easier to control and also more cost-friendly, making them more popular among the handicapped and elderly communities in Singapore.

All our electric scooters are LTA compliant and also come with battery chargers that are certified with a “Singapore Safety Mark”. That way, our customers can purchase our electric scooters with a peace of mind.

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Customers who buy a new PMA (electric wheelchair or scooter) and spend a minimum of $998 in a single purchase will get $997 in spending credits. 

Types of mobility scooters

There are two critical types of mobility scooters that we offer here at Falcon Mobility. All of which are either powered by sealed lead-acid (SLA) or lithium batteries, making our scooters affordable and easy to maintain. Both types come in three or four wheels.

  • Lightweight foldable travel mobility scooters: These portable mobility scooters can be easily folded or disassembled and fitted into the back of the car or aeroplane cargo. Taking up half the space of what the larger mobility scooter takes, it can be easily stored at home. Ideal for short trips, general travel, or indoors.
  • Full-sized mobility scooters: These mobility scooters are not as portable as the lightweight ones, though they come with better seats, full lighting capabilities, and a much sturdier suspension system that can tackle any rough or uneven outdoor terrains. Because they are larger, they also support further travel and more features to increase ride comfort too.

Features of mobility scooters

Depending on your budget and requirements, our mobility scooters come with varying features. However, they still maintain standard features such as:

  • Tiller: The individual manoeuvre the mobility scooter using the tiller, which is a T-shaped manoeuvring column that helps control the front wheel(s). Specific models of our mobility scooters utilise a delta tiller which, instead of it being T-shaped, has wraparound handles that allow users with limited hand strength or dexterity, such as hemiplegic stroke patients, to be still able to operate and steer the mobility scooter.
  • Seats: All our mobility scooters come with comfortable seating for comfortable rides. The only difference is with our full-sized versions, such as the budget-lite deluxe; it comes with a large captain’s seat that is fully adjustable and extra-padded.
  • Suspension: Our mobility scooters are able to tackle the varying terrains and paths in Singapore. Only a couple of our full-sized ones come with a complete suspension system that gives added ride comfort.
  • Wheels: There are three critical types of wheels found in mobility scooters available in the market: solid, foam-filled, and pneumatic. Falcon Mobility’s scooters all use solid wheels. They do not need to be pumped with air and will not puncture, providing the users with peace of mind.

With high manoeuvrability and comfort, our mobility scooters are second-to-none. So, get our electric scooters for elderly in Singapore today!

Maintaining your mobility scooters

Regularly ensuring that you fully charge the battery before use helps to maintain the battery life. It is also vital to regularly check your mobility scooter for signs of damage, especially the wheels. If they show signs of extreme wear and tear, have them replaced as soon as possible. Falcon Mobility offers repair services which you may find more information here.

It is highly advisable to also clean your scooters by wiping them down with a damp cloth after every trip to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust which left uncleaned, will damage any moving parts. Always switch off the scooter before you clean, and allow it to dry before your next ride. Avoid getting electrical components wet. While our electric scooters can handle a little splash or light rain, they are not entirely waterproof. Doing so will cause permanent damage to the electric scooter, and in the case of lithium batteries, fires.