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Aluminium Bi-Fold Ramp


  • $170.00

The Portable bi-fold aluminium ramp comes with a carrying handle and is available in various configurations between 2 to 6 feet in length. These are suitable for thresholds between 1 to 3 steps high.

As a rough guide, you can use 2-feet or 3-feet ramps for single-step kerbs.

4-feet ramps suitable for 2-steps.

If you are using for small door-way staircases up to 3-steps high, or for loading into vehicles such as minivans, you must use at least a 5-feet ramp, or even 6-feet if the space allows.

These ramps are not suitable for staircases 4-steps or more.

If you need a ramp for a HDB door with 3 steps, please have a look at our Ramp Selection Guide to help with your choice.



2 Feet Length: Width 28", Length 24", Weight 5.70 kg, Capacity 600 lbs

3 Feet Length: Width 28", Length 36", Weight 8.55 kg, Capacity 600 lbs

4 Feet Length: Width 28", Length 48", Weight 11.40 kg, Capacity 600 lbs

5 Feet Length: Width 28", Length 60", Weight 14.25 kg, Capacity 600 lbs

6 Feet Length: Width 28", Length 72", Weight 17.1 kg, Capacity 600 lbs

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