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Elderly Mobility Scooters EXEMPT from Registration

Elderly mobility scooters EXEMPT from registration

LTA announced a few days ago that e-scooter riders can register their personal mobility devices (PMD's) from 2nd January 2019 onwards. Registration fee will be $20, and waived until 31 March 2019. Riders will also need to affix both the Identification Mark and LTA Registration Mark prominently on the e-scooter.

Again, many of our elderly customers have asked, will this affect their mobility scooters?

The answer is NO. 

To re-cap on our earlier blog posts on the subject, LTA has 4 broad categories of PMDs, and our 3- or 4-wheeled mobility scooters are classified by LTA as Personal Mobility Aids ("PMA's"). 

LTA Classification of Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs)

PMAs such as mobility scooters or motorised wheelchairs are EXEMPT from most of the existing or upcoming laws applicable to electric scooters, such as registration, UL2272 certification, as well as maximum weight of 20 kg.

The only rule that the mobility scooters used by senior citizens need to adhere to is that they must have a maximum speed of 10 km/h or less. This is not a problem for mobility scooters or electric wheelchairs bought from Falcon Mobility.

If you buy a mobility scooter or motorised wheelchair from Falcon Mobility, you can rest assured that it will be fully compliant with all existing and upcoming regulations.


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