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UL2272 Not Required for Personal Mobility Aids (PMAs)

UL2272 Not Required for Personal Mobility Aids (PMA)

The Ministry of Transport announced in September 2018 that by 2020, all motorised Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) will need to comply with the UL2272 standard. However, they have failed to clarify whether Personal Mobility Aids (PMA) such as mobility scooter or motorised wheelchair will be affected.

We have since written to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to clarify, and they have confirmed that the UL2272 requirement will not be applied to PMAs.

Above is our e-mail communication with LTA on the subject with sensitive information blanked out. We will ask them to put up an official clarification directly on their website, but at the moment, this is the best we can do in terms of "black and white".



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