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3-Wheel Vs 4-Wheel Mobility Scooters: What Is The Difference

3-Wheel Vs 4-Wheel Mobility Scooters: What Is The Difference

Mobility scooters come in both 3- and 4-wheel models. There are several factors to consider when you are searching the market for a PMA. Depending on the intention of use, some mobility scooters are more travel-friendly, foldable, and highly portable, while others might serve you better should you want to use them for heavy outdoor usage.

All in all, one of the key factors to consider among Falcon Mobility’s range of mobility scooters is whether you are going for a 3- or 4-wheel model. The differences between the two types are not significant. However, being aware of them enables you to make sound decisions for your specific needs. In this article, we will point out the distinction between the two variants.


A 4-wheel mobility scooter is definitely going to be more stable as compared to a 3-wheel mobility scooter. However, most 3-wheel mobility scooters, especially the ones we offer, come with anti-tip wheels for added safety. Despite having this feature, 4-wheel ones are still at a lesser risk of tipping over. If the rider is bariatric or has difficulty balancing, going for a 4-wheel mobility scooter would be a safer and more stable option.

Another factor to note in terms of stability is that 3-wheel mobility scooters are ideal for flat, hard indoor surfaces. They are less optimal compared to their 4-wheel counterparts in terms of handling uneven, rough terrains.


For most parts, a 4-wheel mobility scooter will weigh heavier than a 3-wheel mobility scooter due to the additional wheel as well as the two wheel wells at the front. Using our Scout 3- and 4-wheel portable mobility scooter as an example, the 4-wheel version is approximately 4kg heavier. Both can be easily disassembled for easy transportation or storage. However, the heaviest piece of the 4-wheel mobility scooter is 5kg heavier than the heaviest piece of the 3-wheel mobility scooter at 18kg and 13kg, respectively.

Turning Radius

Our mobility scooters are great for general wheelchair- and elderly-friendly places in Singapore. However, if you are mainly using your mobility scooters in tight spaces or indoors, it is worth being aware of the turning radius. While 4-wheel mobility scooters offer greater stability, they are not as easily manoeuvrable as well as 3-wheel mobility scooters in tight spaces. Using our Scout 3- and 4-wheel portable mobility scooter again as an example, both are compact enough to be utilised in tight areas, such as supermarkets and restaurants.

However, their turning radius is vastly different. The 3-wheel scooter has a turning radius of 115cm, while the 4-wheel scooter has a turning radius of 136cm. While that might not seem like a huge difference, it is particularly noticeable in settings like supermarkets, where tight turns and U-turns are necessary. Having a lower turning radius means you are able to make sharper turns in space-constraint areas.

So, which is better?

You might want to get a 3-wheel mobility scooter if:

  • You primarily use the scooter indoors
  • You want to be able to make sharper and tighter turns

You might want to get a 4-wheel mobility scooter if:

  • You prefer better weight distribution
  • You want to be able to use it safely outdoors or on rugged terrains
  • You need a scooter with a broader, sturdier, and wider wheelbase

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, both versions of mobility scooter come share a couple of similarities but offer their unique set of features. You will still want to consider the rider’s weight, ease of operation, as well as scooter size in helping you to choose the right one. It all depends on your specific needs and whichever meets as many.

If you are looking for a mobility scooter/electric scooter for the elderly or yourself, consider Falcon Mobility. We offer an extensive range of scooters for everyday needs and budgets. Contact us to find out how you can purchase one today!

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