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Wheelchair- & Elderly-Friendly Places To Visit In Singapore

Wheelchair- & Elderly-Friendly Places To Visit In Singapore

As the world is recovering post-pandemic, travelling has been different for all of us, including our elderly loved ones. They are more cautious about travelling and socialising due to several factors, such as their health and the ongoing pandemic or the accessibility of holiday destinations. This is particularly more of a concern for those who rely on a PMA, such as mobility scooters or wheelchairs, to get around. 

Nevertheless, especially in Singapore, these concerns should not hold you back from including them in your weekend or holiday plans as you make plans for a day out in the city or a weekend staycation. In this article, we will share some of the benefits that being out can bring to your elderly loved ones and some of the wheelchair- and elderly-friendly places you can visit in Singapore. 

Benefits of being outside of home

Being outside, instead of cooping themselves up at home, is a fantastic way for the elderly to boost their mental and emotional well-being. Many elderly individuals, especially those that live alone or have seen their close friends and loved ones pass away, are at a higher risk of poor mental health. By constantly cooping themselves at home, they also run the risk of developing poor interrelationships with their community, which might lead to anxiety, depression, or, worse still, premature death.

While they might not express it immediately, including your elderly loved ones in your holiday or weekend plans can boost their mental health as they feel assured knowing that their presence is appreciated and valued. Bringing your elderly loved ones out can also assist in forging a stronger relationship between them and the rest of the family. Your children will learn to develop empathy and patience for the elderly. These bonds and relationships fostered when going out will last a long time, not just for your elderly loved ones but also for the rest of the family. 

Best elderly- and wheelchair-friendly places in Singapore

ArtScience Museum

Situated at Marina Bay Sands, the ArtScience Museum features several exhibits, both permanent and seasonal, which appeal to individuals of all ages. From “Future World: Where Art Meets Science” to “Patricia Piccinini: We Are Connected” and VR galleries, each exhibition is uniquely themed and curated to tickle your senses.

There is a large elevator that serves every level, from basement 1 to level 4. All the exhibitions have at least 1.2 metres wide walk-through spaces. Lastly, there are wheelchair-friendly toilets at every level. If your elderly loved ones do not use a wheelchair but would like to use one in the museum, they even offer wheelchair rental at no cost. Furthermore, the ArtScience Museum also cater to guide dog owners.

Singapore Zoo

Spending a day out in the zoo is undoubtedly a relaxing activity for the entire family. It is the ideal venue for both juniors and seniors to foster stronger bonds as your children explain the exhibit to their grandparents or vice versa. You can add to the itinerary a visit to the other parks in the immediate vicinity, such as Night Safari, River Safari, and in the future, Bird Park, by purchasing a ParkHopper Plus package.

The zoo is, without a doubt, one of the most accessible attractions on this list. The walking paths are wide and relatively flat. Wheelchairs are also available for rental at no additional cost for guests who requires one in the zoo or any of the parks. Some of the trams in the zoo also have special sittings for individuals who use wheelchairs.

Sembawang Hot Spring Park 

Not many people are aware that Singapore has its own hot spring. Sembawang Hot Spring Park is Singapore’s one-and-only natural hot spring. It is an excellent place for your loved ones to be able to soak their feet in the hot spring without having to travel overseas. They can even add to the experience by enjoying an Onsen egg, a Japanese-style hot spring egg. All they need to bring is just a couple of eggs themselves.


It is crucial to note that your elderly loved ones might get tired quickly. Hence, you might not have to plan a lot of activities to fill the day. At the end of the day, they are just glad to be able to spend some time with their family. Whether you are spending a day out in Singapore or travelling with a motorised PMA or manual one, it is all about spending time with your elderly loved ones.

At Falcon Mobility, we want to help families with that. With our range of PMDs, such as wheelchairs and electric scooters for the elderly, your elderly loved ones can live independently and mobile no matter where they go. Find out more at https://www.falconmobility.com.sg/ today!

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