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Docking Station for Mobie / Genie Scooter

Docking Station for Mobie / Genie Scooter

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The docking station allows off-board charging of the Mobie / Genie standard battery.

To use, insert the battery into the docking station, plug in the charger to the docking station, and turn on your power supply until the charge light on the charger changes from Red to Green.

The docking station only works with the standard battery. If you use the Solax travel battery, please charge it through the scooter instead.

Please note the light on the docking station does not show whether the battery is full or not. The docking station light operates independently of the charger light, and this is what they mean:

a) Red - The battery is currently being charged.

b) Orange - The battery is not being charged, but there is a voltage reading, meaning the battery is healthy.

c) None - If there is no light on the docking station, and it is not being charged, this could mean the battery is already dead, you need to change the battery.

** Battery not included. Picture for illustration purposes only **

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