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Spitfire EX Scooter - Unable to Drive due to Charger Connected

Posted by Warren Chew on

Charging a Mobility Scooter

One common mistake users make that result in the scooter being disabled is trying to drive the scooter without first disconnecting the charger.

Often this is because they want to know whether the scooter is fully charged, so they try to drive the scooter immediately without first disconnecting the charger.

This is incorrect, as most mobility scooters have a built-in safety feature that detects something being plugged in to the charger port, and will disable the scooter to prevent users from driving off and causing damage to the scooter and the charger. It doesn't matter whethe the charger is turned on or not; as long as it is connected, the controller will disable the scooter and stop it from driving.

The video below shows what you should do if your Spitfire EX scooter is disabled due to the charger being connected.


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