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Falcon Mobility Featured on Fox, NBC and Others

Falcon Mobility has been featured on Fox, NBC and 100+ other news sites around the world!

Our 2nd-generation Ultra-Lite 2 Electric Wheelchair which had a soft launch in 2021, was officially launched on 11th January, 2022. It is an improved version of the Ultra-Lite D, which is the world's lightest motorised wheelchair.

Here is our official press release.


Falcon Mobility Pte. Ltd Launches New Ultra-Lite 2 Mobility Chair

Falcon Mobility Pte. Ltd., Singapore’s leading wheelchair and mobility scooter distributor, launches its newest electric wheelchair – The Ultra-Lite 2. This second-generation lightweight foldable wheelchair weighs only 16 kgs (without the battery and footrest) and is one of the world’s lightest and most portable motorized wheelchairs. Contrary to its compact appearance, The Ultra-Lite 2 packs several practical features that make it easier for the users to experience the freedom of mobility and for caregivers to provide dedicated assistance to their wards.

Developed after intensive research and testing, The Ultra-Lite 2 highlights a smoother drive, stronger brakes, better front-wheel suspension, and a more sensitive joystick than its predecessor, the Ultra-Lite Dual. It can completely stop on slopes and switch to manual mode to fit any situation, ensuring a safe and smooth ride on any landscape.

In addition, The Ultra-Lite 2 is fitted with an attendant control driving system. This allows the caregiver to control the wheelchair from behind, easily steering it forward, backward, or through turns.

The Ultra-Lite 2 is also designed with flip-up armrests for effortless sideway transfers and flip-up detachable footrests for easy boarding and dismounting. These convenient features lessen the strain on both the user and the caregiver whenever they move between beds, chairs, toilets, and the wheelchair.

All Ultra-Lite 2 electric wheelchairs come with two easy-to-detach lithium batteries positioned at the side for convenient removal. Each battery allows for 10 km travel, giving the wheelchair a total travel range of 20 km. In case of emergencies, a USB port is also added to enable mobile phone charging.

Falcon Mobility’s Ultra-Lite 2 is a game-changer that’s transforming the lives of many for the better. It opens up ways for individuals with mobility issues to regain their independence and gain the flexibility of movement both indoors and outdoors.

The Ultra-Lite 2 was officially launched on January 11, 2022. It’s now available for purchase on the product website and ships to most parts of the world.

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