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Getting on with some help

By Lea Wee, Straits Times | Singapore | 31 Mar 2011

(excerpt from "Getting on with some help" article on Straits Times, Mind & Body section, 31 Mar 2011)

.... Demand will rise, said Warren Chew, 35, who was inspired by a friend’s experience to set up Falcon Mobility in 2008.

His friend, who has spinal muscular atrophy, had to wait three months to fix the spare parts of his motorised wheelchair. Falcon Mobility, which sells motorised wheelchairs and mobility scooters, promises to fix any problems within two days. It also offers a three-day free trial for potential buyers.

The disabled-friendly company has four staff members, including a former customer, now its sales executive, who has amputated right toes and arthritis.

"It would be good news for consumers if such companies thrived," said Mr Lam from Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

The trained physiotherapist said elderly-friendly products can help people cope with aged-related changes, such as poorer eyesight and hearing, and becoming less flexible and mobile.


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