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Yet Another Wet Mobility Scooter

Wet Mobility ScooterWet Mobility Scooter

Sigh...yet another wet mobility scooter! There are too many users who either ignore or forget all our warnings not to ride their scooters in the rain, and there is always a spike in breakdowns during rainy season.

This scooter was purchased 6 months ago. Even though the scooter is still under warranty, we have every right to reject the claim as this is due to misuse, and not manufacturing defect.

Anyway, we have cleaned up the scooter, and it seems fine now. The customer is very lucky, there was no part that needed to be changed. Otherwise we would have charged her for it.

The scooter will be returned on Monday, repair charges waived on a one-time goodwill basis. But she will be cautioned that the next time she rides in the ran and it breaks down, she will have to pay for the repairs. She has, sadly, ignored our advise to buy a scooter cape.



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