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Updates to Mobility Scooter Repairs Policy

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The mobility scooter industry in Singapore is now maturing, and demand for repair services is ever-increasing. Falcon Mobility, being the #1 mobility scooter company in Singapore with almost 3,000 vehicles under our care, has to handle more repair cases than probably all the other companies in Singapore combined.

It is extremely difficult to keep repair costs down, turn vehicles around fast, and yet keep this service economically viable. The biggest costs are the parts, manpower and space. We can't do much about parts costs, since these come from overseas suppliers. But we will be implementing some changes to rein in manpower and rental costs. Some key changes are as follows:

1) FREE assessment

Yes, you read it right. From now onwards, we will provide FREE assessment for customers who bring their scooter to our service centre for checking.

Previously, we charge a $70 diagnosis fee for every case handled, and the scooter stays in our service centre for a few days. But many of the cases turn out to be straight forward battery change jobs. So this increases the cost to the customer, takes up precious space in our already jam-packed service centre, and the customer is inconvenienced for a few days without the use of the scooter.

From now onwards, we will instead separate cases into Outpatient and In-Patient. Outpatient cases are those which have obvious problems that can be detected in less than 15 minutes. By far the most common are batteries with obvious problems (e.g. voltage imbalanced, bloating or corroded terminals) and faulty chargers.

For Outpatient cases, we will quote the customer the repair cost on-the-spot. If the price is agreed, we will immediately change the batteries and/or charger, and customer can bring the scooter back home on the same day.

But if the problem is not obvious, then our technician will recommend that this to be treated as an In-Patient case, and the scooter be warded for observation. This could still be due to batteries which are worn out, but not presenting any obvious symptoms (in which case we have to do a load bank test), or it could be due to other electrical or mechanical problems. We will not know until a more detailed diagnosis is performed.

At this point, the customer will have to pay a $70 Diagnosis Fee, and leave the scooter behind for 3 - 5 working days. We will do more detailed checks, and give the customer a quotation on the repair cost.

2) Waiver of Diagnosis Fee

Now, this is the second piece of good news we are announcing today. If, after the quotation is given, customer accepts and decides to repair the scooter, or to trade-in for a brand new scooter, the $70 Diagnostic Fee will be waived. The payment collected upon admission to our service centre will be offest against the repair bill or cost of the new scooter.

But if the customer chooses not to repair or trade-in the scooter, I'm sorry, the $70 Diagnostic Fee will not be refunded. This is just some compensation to us for the time and space used to diagnose the case.

3) Appointment Needed prior to Walk-In

A third major change is that we strongly encourage all customers who want to walk-in to make an appointment prior to coming.

This is to curb the problem of customers coming in at a time when there is no technician available to see them. We end up with frustrated customers making a wasted trip, as well as frustrated staff who have to handle frustrated customers.

Therefore, if you walk-in without an appointment, we're sorry, but you may not be able to get a technician to look at your scooter. Even if the technician is around, priority will be given to other customers who have been cooperative and have made appointments.

Sometimes, the phone lines get busy, and we understand that it is can be hard to call in to get an appointment. However, please drop us a request at sales@falconmobility.com.sg with your name and contact number, and we'll call you back as soon as possible to schedule the appointment.

4) Storage Charges

Due to the lack of space, we need scooters to turn around as fast as possible. We are now really like a busy hospital, and there is a lack of beds to accommodate patients. So once the scooter has been restored to health, we'd like to discharge it as soon as possible.

Customers will now have a maximum of 2 days to make a decision after we provide a repair quotation, and also 2 days to collect the scooter back after it is repaired. From the 3rd day onwards, we reserve the right to charge a storage fee of $10/day per scooter, and from the 7th day onwards the right to dispose of the scooter.

We're sorry, but space is very expensive in Singapore. All our customers are elderly and disabled people, most have little or no income. Everybody has their own problems, and we can't let one customer's problems escalate the total cost, which in turn leads to increased rates, and it will be unfair to all the other customers who have to pay more.

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