Top 5 Signs Indicating Your Need For PMAs In Your Life

Top 5 Signs Indicating Your Need For PMAs In Your Life

Top 5 Signs Indicating Your Need For PMAs In Your Life

It is not only that your elderly loved one requires additional help. One of the clearest and most straightforward signs that indicate your need for PMAs in your life is when you find yourself struggling with your body’s movement. While it is not always the case, detecting early signs can help you get immediate assistance to improve someone’s living condition.

Hence, in this post, we have highlighted the top five signs to note that indicate your needs or someone’s needs for a PMA.

1. Experiencing pain while walking

If you or your loved ones find it hard to walk, even for short distances, without experiencing chronic pain, it could be a sign to get mobility aids. For some, such pain can easily be treated with proper physical therapy, massage, or medication. However, for others, using personal mobility aids might be the additional help they need as they undergo the recovery process. At Falcon Mobility, we have an extensive range of walking aids, such as rollators and cranes, to choose from.

2. Constant fatigue

Feeling tiredness and fatigue from standing or walking for an extended period is perfectly normal. However, for some, chronic fatigue, even for short distances, is common, especially for individuals who have Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or recovering from a recent stroke. Because of that, many of these individuals do not even want to step out of their houses.

Fortunately, the use of PMAs, such as wheelchairs and electric scooters for the elderly, can help them move around without expending much energy.

3. Injury

Recovering from a serious injury, such as broken limbs or hips, can significantly limit your ability to engage in day-to-day events or move around properly. Using PMAs, such as crutches and wheelchairs, can help you move around easily.

4. Frequent falling

Falls can be detrimental to those suffering from mobility limitations and especially the elderly. Such falls can be caused by overall weakness in the body, injuries, or cognitive disorders. Using mobility aids, such as walkers or rollators, might help you achieve proper balance. However, if, despite using them, you still find it hard to maintain proper balance, it might be a clear sign for you to switch to one that allows you to sit.

5. Loss of balance

Balance is vital in helping us to coordinate our movements and actions. Without a sense of balance, it leads to frequent falling and injuries. You might be able to realise your difficulty in maintaining balance if you are constantly reaching out for walls or furniture to help you maintain your balance.


The use of mobility aids is not a shameful affair. Rather they are tools that exist to improve your living conditions, allowing you to maintain independence day-to-day. Falcon Mobility is an industry-leading mobility care provider in Singapore. Founded in 2007, Falcon Mobility was started to provide quality mobility tools to better individuals’ lives. 

We have an extensive selection of mobility products as well as lifestyle products and accessories, and you are more than welcome to head to our showroom to test for yourself to get the best-fitted product for your specific needs. For more information, you may head over to to find out more today!

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