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Top 4 Recreational Activities For Wheelchair Users

With age, a loss or decline in mobility is to be expected. Seniors will gradually become less mobile as their bodies undergo physiological changes. Their deteriorating health will significantly change how they engage in pastimes, necessitating an adjustment to their daily routines.  Some may even need to rely on personal mobility aids (PMA) to regain some of their independence. 

If you are an elderly member struggling with this issue, a loss of mobility does not mean you should stop keeping fit and staying active. There are still plenty of ways to have fun and stay connected with the rest of the world. Along with the help of motorised wheelchairs or mobility scooters, you can easily partake in various activities and move about independently. Let us share four recreational activities – both indoors and outdoors – that you can participate in and enjoy life to the fullest again. 

1. Sign up for a wheelchair dancing class

As its name suggests, you will get to learn how to dance in a wheelchair. Wheelchair dancing is an adaptive dance that utilises elements from multiple dance styles, such as the foxtrot, waltz, and tango. Songs from the past era will also be played, triggering fond memories from your youth. 

There are multiple benefits that come with wheelchair dancing. For example, a stark improvement in mood and better overall health. This exercise involves movement and strength, which helps you to build muscle tone and stay fit.

Wheelchair dancing is an effective rehabilitation method; being in control of your movements helps you re-establish normalcy in your life. Furthermore, dancing to the rhythm of the songs you are familiar with can aid in preventing memory loss. 

2. Try your hand at bowling 

Bowling is another fun activity wheelchair users can take part in. Whether you are using an electric wheelchair or a manual model, you can still knock some pins in a bowling alley. There are even great adaptive tools to help you bowl whilst in a wheelchair! Think ball ramps, grip handle bowling balls, and ball pushers.

Ball ramps are convenient, lightweight frames perfect for bowlers with limited arm mobility. The bowler only needs to place the ball on the ramp and release it down a foul line into the lane.

With ball pushers – also known as bowling sticks –, you can use this instrument to push and direct the ball down the lane effortlessly. 

3. Attend a swimming lesson

Did you know that swimming is beneficial for your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing? Most individuals with mobility issues engage in this aerobic activity – some even take part in competitive swimming! This is because swimming is a low-impact exercise that effectively engages all body parts without putting excessive pressure on the limbs. 

When you are in the water, you are subjected to weightlessness, which alleviates pressure on your joints. This activity allows you to stretch and move in ways that you are unable to on dry land.  

4. Catch a movie at a local theatre 

Get the whole cinematic experience and catch the latest blockbuster at a local cinema with your loved ones! Here is a fun fact: various theatres in Singapore offer wheelchair-friendly accessibility options, which means you are not restricted to watching your films at home. Some notable wheelchair-friendly theatres include Cathay Cinema @Cineleisure Orchard, Golden Village Vivocity, and JCube IMAX at Jurong East.

Separate routes, toilets and dedicated seats are implemented for the convenience of wheelchair users. Though most wheelchair-friendly seats are allocated near the back of the hall, you will still get an unobstructed view of the screen. Now, you can enjoy family movie nights with ease. 


Using wheelchairs may have changed your life, but you can still lead a healthy, active lifestyle. With these various recreational activities, you can slowly start to put yourself out there and work old interests into your life again. 

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