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S2081 Mobility Scooter Repaired

mobility scooter repaired

Since we announced in January that we will be doing mobility scooter repairs for non house brands (i.e. not distributed by us), we finally had the chance to take on our first case!

The client bought his scooter from a shop in Whampoa, and brought it back there for repairs when he had a problem. But he was told the scooter cannot be repaired and was turned away.

He found Falcon Mobility through the internet, called us up to find out if we can repair his scooter. So we accepted the job last month and he brought the scooter in to our service centre.

When it was brought to us, the scooter was unable to drive at all. But we diagnosed the main problem to be a faulty magnetic brake, and got it moving again after changing the brake. We also changed the worn out batteries and front tyres.

But what's interesting about this is that even though the scooter was not distributed by us, we managed to use the brake from our Spitfire EX, front wheels from our Solax Mobie, and our Long 12AH batteries.

I'm very glad we passed our first test. We look forward to accepting more cases so that we can get better at this!



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