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New Wheelchair User? Here Are What You Can Expect!

New Wheelchair User? Here Are What You Can Expect!

Are you new to wheelchairs and do not know where to start? Look no further than Falcon Mobility. While wheelchairs are necessary for several reasons, such as disability, injury, or illness, they do not necessarily have to be unattractive or uncomfortable. The market today is filled with many wheelchair options, both manual and electric, as well as other PMA alternatives, such as mobility scooters.

Whether you are looking for a wheelchair for yourself or your loved one, it is crucial to note that purchasing a wheelchair is more than just buying one. Since they come in various sizes and types and may support almost all body types, selecting one that fits your needs is necessary. This guide will teach you all you need to know and expect to start your wheelchair journey.

What is a wheelchair?

A wheelchair is essentially a chair with wheels. It can either be manually operated or battery-powered and is designed for individuals who may be suffering from mobility issues due to disability, illness, or injury.

Evolution of wheelchairs through the years

Wheelchairs have been around since ancient times. Evidence has been shown in various literature and art wheelchair-like devices in early China and Greece. However, the first-ever known wheelchair was created in 1519 for King Phillip II of Spain, who had to use one due to the lack of mobility caused by gout. His wheelchair required an attendant to push. The wheelchair design was then upgraded in 1783 in Bath, England, where the two rear wheels were switched to bigger ones. However, the overall design was heavy and required a horse or donkey to pull it. Over the course of centuries, we have seen the transformation that makes the modern wheelchair we are so familiar with.

Types of wheelchairs

From battery-powered to manually operated, wheelchairs come in a wide variety, and choosing the right one depends on your specific needs and conditions.

Manual vs transport wheelchair

Transport wheelchair, such as our duet rollator/transport chair, combines the feature of a pushchair and rollator in a single unit. The individual can either use it to walk or be pushed by another person. Manual wheelchairs, such as our Falcon Aluminum Wheelchair, can either be manoeuver independently or with the help of another person.

Motorised wheelchair 

Motorised wheelchairs can be independently manoeuvered with the assistance of an electric motor rather than relying on physical strength. They are specifically designed to enable people with weaker upper body strength or those who have been injured or suffering from debilitating diseases to regain independence. An example of motorised wheelchairs offered at Falcon Mobility is our JRWD503 Economy Dual Function Power Wheelchair.

Critical fundamentals to consider when using your first wheelchair

If you are new to using a wheelchair, chances are you might not fully know how to manage things quite yet. It is normal for you or your loved ones to be uncertain about travelling. After all, wheelchair accessibility is something that requires some time to get accustomed to. Here are some critical fundamentals to note when using a wheelchair.

Consider your surroundings 

Just like how you would when you drive a vehicle, paying attention to your surroundings ensures that you take good care of your wheelchair, both motorised and manual. You would want to know if your wheelchair can handle rough terrains or if it can easily be folded and transported.

Get stronger by exercising 

If cost is your main concern when getting your first wheelchair, then you might want to consider getting a manual wheelchair. Falcon Mobility’s manual wheelchairs are priced from $200 to $300, as compared to motorised wheelchairs, which can cost up to $2,600. If you insist on getting a manual wheelchair, know that you will have to maintain good upper body strength in order to push yourself forward or backwards. Here are three easy and effective exercises you can do even in your wheelchair, which are especially beneficial for elderlies. 


The use of wheelchairs or any PMA does not signify the end of your independence. It is, in fact, the opposite. With wheelchairs or any PMA, you are able to regain some form of independence. And with any form of transportation, you should not purchase a product without testing and getting a feel for it yourself.

At Falcon Mobility, we offer a wide range of mobility-aid devices for individuals who require them. Not only are they affordably priced, but they are also some of the best quality products in Singapore. To test them out for yourself or for your loved ones, you may contact us at or reach us at +65 6774 7518.

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