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Mobility Scooters and Rain

Mobility Scooters and Rain

We just had a mobility scooter brought back to our service centre yesterday for a tyre change. But the moment we flipped the scooter up, water came pouring out of the battery compartment!

Mobility scooters and motorised wheelchairs are not water-proof vehicles, and therefore should not be driven in the rain. 

While light drizzle is generally OK, if the rain becomes a heavy downpour, please find shelter for yourself and the scooter as soon as possible. We're talking at most 2 - 3 minutes for you to find a bus stop or a void deck, and wait for the rain to subside.

Alternatively, you can invest in a scooter cover, which will protect your scooter from the rain even if you have no choice but to park it outside.

Mobility Scooter Cover

Getting soaked by water is one of the worst things that can happen to your mobility scooter. Even if it's able to work in the short term, in the long run you could get issues such as rusted contacts, watermarks (resulting in poor contact), short circuits (water is a conductor of electricity) and spoilt electronic components. All of these will result in either intermittent or complete stoppages.

From our experience, scooters that have encountered such an episode before tend to have chronic problems and frequently come back for repairs. If you are one of those having this issue, it might be more advisable to trade-in your old scooter for a new one.

Falcon Mobility has a trade-in program, as long as your scooter is from one of our house brands such as Drive Medical or Solax. Do call us to enquire about your trade in price!

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