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Mobility Scooter Security: Keeping It Safe Unattended

Mobility Scooter Security: Keeping It Safe Unattended

Choosing a motorised mobility scooter as your personal mobility aid is a great choice when you only need the extra help to traverse longer distances outdoors. Thanks to their bigger battery sizes and ample storage compartments, simple tasks like getting groceries by yourself become as easy as before. However, a notable compromise of mobility scooters is their bigger size, meaning they cannot easily enter most buildings and establishments and must be left outside in most instances. It is natural to feel anxious about leaving your mobility scooter unattended since it could be vandalised or, at worst, stolen once you return. Therefore, having ample security is crucial for your mobility scooter, and here are the following tips to ensure it remains safe in your temporary absence.

1. Do not forget to remove the key

The first and foremost rule in securing your mobility scooter is to never leave the keys on when you are not using it. Make it a habit to double-check that the keys are with you whenever you have to leave them unattended, even if it is only for a short while.

2. Invest in a wheel clamp

Although potential thieves cannot easily ride away on your mobility scooter with no keys, they may still take it away by simply rolling it on its wheels. Hence, investing in a basic security accessory like a wheel clamp is recommended to deter would-be thieves from doing exactly that. 

Once clamped in place in one of the mobility scooter’s wheels, they will prevent the personal mobility aid (PMA) from being moved via normal methods, and they are generally tested to withstand most tools used by thieves to pry them open. Do note that you may have difficulty attaching the clamp if you cannot easily reach the ground to do so. As such, make sure to get the correct measurements prior to purchasing one to guarantee a proper fit.

3. Park your mobility scooter somewhere safe

If you have owned a personal vehicle before, you may already have an idea of places where you would not be comfortable leaving your car unattended, even for just a minute. This knowledge translates well for your mobility scooter. Ideally, you should leave your mobility scooter in designated parking lots and ask for permission if it is okay to do so. Otherwise, park it somewhere with security so that it will at least be under the watch of an establishment’s security personnel.

4. Install an alarm system

Some mobility scooter models come pre-equipped with anti-theft systems as a basic feature. These devices are typically inexpensive while significantly improving the safety of your motorised PMA. If yours does not come with one, consider installing an aftermarket alarm yourself for added security. If your mobility scooter is ever moved or tampered with while the alarm is on, it will emit a loud signal that can inform you of potential theft.


Mobility scooters are often a big investment due to their motorised operation and extra features. As a result, they are often a target of thieves looking to make a quick profit. To ensure your mobility scooter does not get stolen, make it a priority to learn and invest in its security and not just the fundamental operation safety rules.

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