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Inconsiderate Mobility Scooter Uncle on MRT

Inconsiderate mobility scooter uncle on MRT

We would like to remind all mobility scooter users to be considerate when using public transport such as the MRT or Wheelchair-Accessible Buses (WAB's).

If you're going to take the MRT, please park your scooter at the are designated for wheelchairs and turn off your ignition key. This way, you will not obstruct any of the traffic moving within the train, and you will not take up any of the seats meant for other commuters.

Please do not follow this uncle's example. Even though his mobility scooter already comes with a comfortable padded seat, he still takes up a priority seat reserved for other elderly or pregnant commuters, and his scooter is blocking another 2 seats.

Plus with his bare feet put up high in the air, I can only imagine the disgust and discomfort he is causing the other people in the train.

Perhaps the MRT operators need to be more firm in handling such inconsiderate behaviour. 


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