How To Transport Your Personal Mobility Aid Securely

How To Transport Your Personal Mobility Aid Securely

How To Transport Your Personal Mobility Aid Securely

Individuals rely on personal mobility aids (PMAs), such as wheelchairs, rollators, or mobility scooters, for a variety of mobility-related issues. At the centre of it all, the main benefit that PMAs offer is the ability to maintain a certain level of independence and mobility. Using a PMA should not limit your ability to explore the world. 

With that being said, travelling with a PMA should not be a complex affair. Whether you are travelling in a car or plane, transporting your PMA should not be a roadblock. This post is here to guide you in every step to help you navigate your travel confidently and with no delay. 

Using the right vehicle 

Travelling with the right vehicle is the first step to a fuss-free travel. Whether you are renting a car or hiring one, ensure that the vehicle has sufficient boot space for your PMA along with your travel essentials, such as luggage. Additionally, you also need to consider your fellow travel buddies if you are not travelling alone. 

For smaller PMAs, such as walking aids and rollators, transporting them will be significantly more straightforward as compared to a wheelchair or motorised scooter, which might require more considerations.

Renting or hiring a vehicle like a minivan or SUV that has sufficient interior space will allow you to stow away your PMA securely and safely without worries about damaging it. Another way is to look for wheelchair and mobility scooter-friendly transport services. You can find such services easily on Google. These vehicles come with accessible features, such as lifts or ramps for easy embarkment and disembarkment.

Disassembling your PMA

If you are not able to find a PMA-friendly vehicle and need to disassemble or fold away your PMA for transport, there are several available solutions. Most PMAs can be folded up into a more compact and transportable size. There are some that can be disassembled for easy storage.

If you foresee yourself travelling often, then you might want to look into investing in one that is travel-friendly. That is why we highly recommend our well-travelled customers consider getting lightweight PMAs, such as travel wheelchairs, rollators, as well as foldable mobility scooters.

Securing your PMA properly

Being able to transport your PMA safely is not the end. You also need to ensure that you secure your PMA properly to protect it from moving about and avoid the possibility of it being damaged during transit. You can ensure that it is not able to move about by using your luggage or getting a wheelchair restraint strap to hold it down.

Accessibility at your destination

This is part of the planning process that most travellers do not take into consideration, yet it is vital to ensure that the places you intend to visit during your travels are PMA-accessible. Additionally, you might also want to look for disabled parking lots with sufficient space for your requirements.


Fortunately, flying with a PMA is much less complicated. Special assistance can usually be requested via an online form or over the phone. Nevertheless, travelling with a PMA should not be a complex affair. All you need is a little more consideration for what you or your loved one really need. With a little more effort, you or your loved one can enjoy your travelling much more.

If you are looking for a portable PMA to use while you travel, Falcon Mobility has some of the best selections. In fact, we have some of the best and most suitable electric wheelchairs and electric scooters for elderlies. Visit us to check them out!

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