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How to Tell if your batteries need to be changed?

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Batteries are the most common problems mobility scooters have. Even if the scooters were originally equipped with good, high quality batteries, they will eventually wear out with use, so it is common to have to get them replaced about every 1 - 2 years.

Symptoms include:

  • Battery indicator shows the battery is almost flat by the time you complete your usual journey and get home.
  • The battery drains quickly, but also charges very quickly.
  • Intermittent stoppages, but after turning your scooter on/off it moves again.
  • Stoppages are more frequent when you go up a slope.
  • You have not changed batteries over the past year or more.

But many people make the mistake of assuming that ALL problems are due to battery. This is not true. A fair number of stoppages are caused by contact problems, which include:

  • Loose connectors
  • Corroded contacts
  • Worn out carbon brushes (in the motor)

So how do you tell whether your batteries are worn out, or if there are other problems with your scooter? This requires more checking, but some tell-tale signs include:

  • Stoppages seem to be triggered by bumps e.g. driving over rough ground or kerbs
  • Stoppages happen even though batteries are fully charged. For worn batteries, stoppages happen mostly towards the later part of the journey.

For change of batteries, you can contact Falcon Mobility.

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