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Healthy Tips Every Wheelchair User Can Follow To Live Better

Healthy Tips Every Wheelchair User Can Follow To Live Better

Whether you have been utilizing a wheelchair for years now or are still new to using one, you are susceptible to developing health problems like obesity and depression. These conditions have been found among many wheelchair users. They can make wheelchair usage more challenging and even affect your general health condition and quality of life. 

For this reason, it is more important for wheelchair users than anyone else to live a well-balanced lifestyle. By doing so, you can enhance your mood and outlook in life while minimizing your risk of developing further health problems. Read on to learn some of the best health tips you should follow if you are using either a manual or an electric wheelchair.

 Do not consume sugary drinks

When you are in a wheelchair 24/7, you do not burn as many calories per day as an individual who has no mobility issues. This lower burn of calories can make it difficult for you to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. One of the best ways to make sure you do not consume too many calories in a day is to avoid drinking sugary or high-calorie drinks. Instead, it is better to stick to water, tea, coffee, and other low-calorie beverages.

1. Ensure good posture

Maintaining a good posture the entire day is essential to avoiding different kinds of problems with the tissues and bones in your spine. Moreover, changing positions and good postures are also helpful in preventing sores. Especially if you use a wheelchair or a mobility scooter, paying attention to your posture is important. To achieve a good posture, you should work on strengthening the core muscles in your back and abdomen.

2. Lift weights and exercise

Lifting weights and doing resistance exercises can help you improve the health of your bones and muscles while burning your calories at the same time. These workouts are ideal for wheelchair users, as they can be easily adjusted to fit one’s abilities. For example, if you can only perform upper body exercises, you can just lift dumbbells in your chair. However, before starting any exercise routine, be sure to consult your physician or physical therapist to ensure your safety.

3. Have a healthy mind

If your physical condition is affecting your mental well-being, it is necessary to speak to a psychologist or a psychiatrist with experience in working with people that have physical disabilities. This mental health professional can help you choose and use different kinds of therapy that will boost your mental well-being. In turn, having a healthy mind will allow you to improve numerous other aspects of your health.

4. Develop great self-care habits 

Taking good care of yourself is essentially the key to being a healthy individual. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in all your daily worries and concerns. Not only will this affect your health, but it can also prevent you from living a happy life. To live a healthy and joyful life, be sure to develop good self-care habits. Take breaks, go outside, and spend time with your family and friends. These self-care practices will ultimately help you achieve a healthy mind and body.


If you are using a wheelchair or supporting a loved one with mobility challenges, it is essential to know all the incredible tips and practices that will make life easier and healthier for a wheelchair user. The things mentioned in this article are only some of the best tips you should follow to improve your day-to-day life despite being in a wheelchair. Ultimately, having a physical disability should not hinder you from living a healthy life! 

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