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FAQ About Electric Wheelchairs: How Long Do They Last?

FAQ About Electric Wheelchairs: How Long Do They Last?

There is no doubt that buying an electric wheelchair is an investment. An electric wheelchair that works properly can enhance the lifestyle of your elderly or disabled loved ones by giving them more independence and capabilities. This increased independence can then minimise your responsibilities when it comes to taking good care of your loved ones.

However, just like any other device, electric wheelchairs also have a lifespan. After being used for a long period of time, your electric wheelchair may start experiencing faults and failures. But how exactly long can an electric wheelchair be used in its prime condition? Read on to learn more about the average lifespan of electric wheelchairs and the common indications that your wheelchair already requires repair or replacement.

Do electric wheelchairs last long? 

While the lifespan of an electric wheelchair depends on several factors, such as how it is made, the quality of its components, and how careful a user handles it, electric wheelchairs are generally known to last long. A well-maintained electric wheelchair can run efficiently for up to 5 years or even more if it is checked and maintained regularly.

Often times, electric wheelchairs are built to last for a long period of time. Durability is one of the key components of electric wheelchairs. Their manufacturers typically make sure that they are built and designed in such a way as to withstand long usage without the need for frequent replacement.  

However, due to the mechanical mechanisms involved in electric wheelchairs, they are most likely to need repairs from time to time. These repairs do not usually cost that much and are only intended for the maintenance of wheelchairs. Compared to the increased freedom of mobility that an electric wheelchair provides, the cost of repairs is only a small price to pay.

How long does the battery remain working?

The battery is a fundamental component of an electric wheelchair. How long an electric wheelchair lasts essentially depends upon its battery life. The battery is basically responsible for powering the wheelchair, so it needs to be in good working order all the time. Having a reliable battery is a major factor in determining an electric wheelchair’s usability and longevity. 

The longevity of an electric wheelchair battery is dependent upon how long the wheelchair is being used every day. On average, the lifespan of an electric wheelchair battery ranges from 1 to 2 years. If you have a lower-quality battery, you may even get only six months’ worth of power. Aside from the length of use, other factors that affect the longevity of an electric wheelchair battery include its type, overall health, and the user’s weight.

Signs that your electric wheelchair needs repair or replacement

As mentioned, electric wheelchairs are susceptible to faults and failures just like any other devices. These faults and failures may require either a mere repair or an overall replacement. If detected early on, a defect in your electric wheelchair may only need repair. On the other hand, if the issue is not addressed immediately, your wheelchair may eventually become totally damaged and need to be replaced.

Learning the signs of faults and failures is important in ensuring that your electric wheelchair remains efficiently running at all times. Here are some of the common indications that your motorised wheelchair already needs to be repaired or replaced: 

  • The battery does not charge – Some of the most common issues with electric wheelchairs involve the battery, and these issues often need to be fixed in a shop. If your battery either dies quickly even after being fully charged or does not charge at all, you should consider repairing or replacing your battery already. These are signs that your battery life is already expiring soon.
  • The seat does not adjust – Depending on their model, electric wheelchairs usually have a variety of seat adjustment options. These are necessary for users who need to be seated at a specific angle or who need constant readjustment. If you notice that the seat of your electric wheelchair is jammed or is unable to be adjusted, it may be an indication that your device is already on the verge of needing a fix. 
  • It is always a bumpy ride – If your loved one always feels bumps every time they take the electric wheelchair for a spin, even indoors or on flat terrain, then this is definitely a sign that something is not right with your electric wheelchair. Constant bumps usually indicate a problem with the tyres or wheels. This problem is usually very easy to fix with the help of a professional.


The short answer to the frequently asked question about whether or not electric wheelchairs last long is yes. Electric wheelchairs are generally designed to be durable and long-lasting. However, the lifespan of your electric wheelchair will largely depend upon how good you maintain and take care of it. With proper maintenance, your electric wheelchair will surely last longer than you would expect. 

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