Budget Vs High-End Mobility Scooters: Are They Not As Good?

Budget Vs High-End Mobility Scooters: Are They Not As Good?

Budget Vs High-End Mobility Scooters: Are They Not As Good?

The market for mobility scooters has boomed over the years. It is to the extent that there are so many to choose from, and they are also evenly spread across varying price points. This boom has significantly been driven by not only an ageing population but also an increase in disposable income in that age group.

With a shift in consumer demand, it means that there will always be a great demand for both features and choices in mobility scooters. And with the many options available, one might question the difference between more high-end mobility scooters and budget alternatives. Does the price difference mean more features, better power, and further range?

All over the world and also in Singapore, there has been an increase in the use of electric scooters for elderlies, with ultra-lightweight ones becoming popular when travelling out of their home. With the advancement in technology, we have also seen foldable models and off-road ones boost their travel range significantly too.

With options like these, many would question if the economy models are inferior to their expensive counterparts. In this article, we will address the fundamental question of the day.

What are their differences?

Generally, the difference between the two price ranges is getting marginal, with mobility scooters from both price ranges offering similar features. However, when there is a greater need for greater travel distance and power output, then the old saying, ‘you get what you pay for,’ is highly applicable. The higher end the model is, the better the power and travel range, as well as other features, such as fittings and materials.

With that being said, many individuals do not mind looking for more affordable alternatives, with some even looking to purchase used or reconditioned ones. Not only are they able to get it at a much lower price, but you will also get a warranty that can be extended at a small additional cost. Used mobility scooters are ideal if you are targeting a particular model that might be expensive if brand new and you have a tighter budget to work with.

To help you understand the “difference” between a budget model and a high-end model, we will use Falcon Mobility’s cheapest mobility scooter, SW1000S PMA Mobility Scooter, at $998, and our most expensive mobility scooter, Moving Life Atto Sport Foldable Mobility Scooter at $4,999.

The SW1000S PMA Mobility Scooter comes with two battery variations, 12AH and 20AH, allowing it to cover 12km and 20km, respectively, on a full charge. Despite its lower cost, the personal mobility aid is packed with essential features, such as flip-arm armrests, height-adjustable swivel seat, and large 215mm puncture-proof solid tyres.

The Moving Life Atto Sport Foldable Mobility Scooter features a unique sport-like look. It can easily be folded into a trolley for easy storage and travel. In addition, its flight-approved battery and foldability make it easy for individuals to travel in cars, planes, cruise ships, and trains. Given its price range, it comes with tons of features, such as embedded headlights, a bright LCD display, an anti-theft wireless locking key, leather finishes, cruise control, automatic slowdown on steeper slopes, and an electric release brake for safer braking. The features it comes with are remarkable.


The difference between budget and high-end mobility scooters is getting marginal. The higher-end ones do not always contribute significantly to the performance, but offer slightly better features for safety, convenience, and newer technology. If what you are looking for are basic vital safety, performance, and comfort features, the budget models are right for you.

With that being said, if you have the budget to spend a little more, you will definitely get what you paid for with high-end mobility scooters. To check out our comprehensive range of mobility scooters, across an extensive spectrum of affordable ones to more premium ones, take a look at our website today!

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