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Battery Capacity Test

Battery Capacity Test results

Trying out our new, $5000 battery capacity tester on a pair of new 12AH SLA Batteries. Test was done based on the 20-hour discharge rate, a 0.60A constant current discharge with a cut-off at 21.0V (2 batteries connected in series).

The result? Our batteries' rated capacity was 12.00Ah, but actual capacity was 12.74Ah. Passed with flying colours!

At Falcon Mobility, we are able to determine the health of batteries very reliably, because we use sound scientific methods. 

Everyone else just uses a simple voltmeter to look at the battery voltage. But we have known for many years that this is not a conclusive test, because worn-out batteries with low capacities can still show a healthy voltage. You can only detect about about 70% of battery problems with a voltmeter.

Quick testers that claim to be able to determine battery health are also totally unreliable. They work by testing the internal resistance of the battery, which is only one of the possible, less-frequent factors creating battery problems. But again, this is not a conclusive test as you can have worn out batteries with healthy internal resistance readings.

The ONLY conclusive test, we have found, is a discharge test. In other words, charge the batteries up full, discharge them by applying an electrical load, and measure how much energy is being dissipated. If you don't have a device to apply the electric load or measure the energy content, then the traditional way is to install them on a scooter and do a mileage test.

There is NO SHORT CUT in battery capacity testing. At Falcon Mobility, we don't take short cuts, which is why after 10 years, we are still No. 1 when it comes to after-sales capabilities.


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