7 Stability & Strengthening Exercises For Walker Users

7 Stability & Strengthening Exercises For Walker Users

7 Stability & Strengthening Exercises For Walker Users

Regular strengthening exercise offers incredible benefits for older individuals, such as maintaining and boosting muscle strength and balance, as well as reducing the risks of injuries and falls.

For those who have to rely on the use of personal mobility aids (PMAs), it is even more imperative that regular strengthening exercises are conducted. In this article, we will look at some of the recommended stability and strengthening exercises for walker users. 

Why exercises are crucial for walker users? 

They are ideal for encouraging older individuals to lead a more active and healthier lifestyle despite struggling with restricted mobility. If your elderly loved one uses a rollator, it is vital to ensure that the wheels are locked to prevent them from moving while exercising.

Whether they are using a rollator or walker, it will help provide additional stability and balance for the exercises below. Without further ado, here are seven stability and strengthening exercises for walker users.


1. Standing hamstring stretch

Keeping your left leg straight and only your left heels touching the ground, raise your toes and point them towards the ceiling. Then, bend your right leg while shifting your body weight onto your walker. Hold that position for about a minute before straightening your right leg, repeating the whole process on your right leg.

2. Calf stretch

Hold on to your walker, standing hip-width apart. Then, shift your left leg to about a foot-length behind you. You may increase the distance between your front and back foot until you feel less comfortable. Once you have ascertained your preferred distance, while still holding on to the walker, begin to lean forward, shifting your body weight onto your front leg. You will start to feel your rear calf stretching. Repeat this process for a minute on each leg.


3. Standing hamstring curl

Bend your left knee, bringing your left foot towards your buttocks while using your walker as a support. Remember to keep both your legs parallel to one another. You should feel a slight stretch in your quads, which is the front portion of your thigh. Repeat on the other leg.

4. Hip abduction

With your feet hip-width apart, stand and hold on to your walker. Then, extend your left leg towards your side. Bring back in and repeat on the other side, alternating between both legs each time. Do this for about 20 times.

5. Heel raises

This exercise helps to strengthen your calf muscles, keeping them agile and strong and decreasing your risk of falling down. All you need to do is hold on to your walker while keeping your feet a little apart and slowly getting to a tiptoe position. Hold that position for about two seconds then return back to a normal standing position. Repeat that for 20 more times.

6. Squats

Place your feet firmly on the ground with your feet hip-width apart. Then, bend your knees gradually, lowering your hips towards the floor while ensuring that your back is straight at all times.

7. Walking

Walking with your walker is the best form of exercise that not only strengthens your muscles but also increases your cardiovascular strength. Just ensure that you are always walking in the right posture, keeping your back straight and upright.


Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is vital for those who rely on walkers for their daily activities, reducing your risk of tipping and falling over. It is vital not to rush into the process but rather take small steps. By following the above seven stability and strengthening exercises, you are able to boost your overall well-being.

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