4 Key Factors To Consider If You Are An Older Traveller

4 Key Factors To Consider If You Are An Older Traveller

4 Key Factors To Consider If You Are An Older Traveller

The world is a vast place with diverse cultures, beautiful landscapes, and vast oceans to explore. There’s never a right or wrong time to travel beyond your estate. Take the opportunity while you can to travel and discover beyond what you are familiar with.

However, if you are an older traveller or travelling with one, there are several factors to consider. Whether you are off for a week or planning one for up to a couple of months, we have compiled four key factors an older traveller needs to consider.

1. Packing light and bringing what is necessary

Packing light and bringing only what is necessary is vital for older travellers. It might not seem like much of a deal to pack into your luggage bag a couple of books and shoes. However, every additional weight can increase your risk of injuring yourself.

2. Consider your mobility when planning your activities

Mobility is a vital consideration when planning the type of activities you can do. Activities such as camel rides, caving, and hiking may not be as easy for older travellers with a limited range of movement and stiff joints. However, that does not mean that you cannot accomplish your dream of seeing that waterfall you saw on television. It is about being mindful of your current condition and capabilities and considering using mobility aids.

3. A mobility aid will make your travel easier and more enjoyable

Supposed you are concerned about getting about, you might want to consider the use of personal mobility aids to make your holiday more enjoyable. Using one might make the difference between missing out on accomplishing your dream because your legs start to act up or discovering a beautiful morning view of the valley.

Fortunately, most common tourist attractions will allow the use of mobility aids. Some common mobility aids you can consider, especially if you are a frequent traveller, are:

  • Foldable lightweight wheelchairs: Also known as travel wheelchairs, they are significantly compact and lightweight and can easily be folded for ease of transport. This makes them ideal for visiting various attractions or sightseeing destinations. They usually require help from others to move about. 
  • Wheelie walkers: If you are looking for something more versatile and multi-functional, then a rollator might be the best choice for your needs. It combines the benefits of using a lightweight wheelchair and walker in one extremely portable option. You can rely on it to provide support when you walk from one place to another, with the option to sit whenever you are tired. 
  • Walking aids: Supposed you are still able to maintain a degree of mobility and only require the occasional support, then walking aids are ideal help. They come in a variety of designs, from foldable ones that can easily fit into your bags to traditional ones.
  • Foldable electric wheelchair: A foldable motorised wheelchair is great if you wish to travel with a great deal of independence and want to go a little bit further. They usually come in carbon fibre frames that are incredibly light, making travelling a breeze, especially when you do not have to rely on your travel partner or family member to push you around. 
  • Mobility scooters: There are many portable mobility scooter options these days. Some designs allow you to fold it easily into a small luggage-sized design, while others require the removal of certain parts before folding it smaller. Whichever design you choose, mobility scooters, like motorised wheelchairs, ensure that you travel far easily.

4. Allow plenty of time to recharge and relax

Rather than rushing to explore as many scenic routes or attractions as possible, taking a slower pace and even leaving a day empty to read a book while chilling at a local café might be just as, if not even more enjoyable.


Travelling as an older traveller does not mean having to miss out on particular scenic spots or attractions. However, it is also about being aware of your condition and health, ensuring that you do not injure yourself overseas. Hence, do not view mobility aids, such as wheelchairs and motorised scooters, to be embarrassing. In fact, we have compiled top travelling tips for wheelchair users.

Nevertheless, here at Falcon Mobility, we offer a wide range of mobility products, including those we have listed in this article. Contact us to find out more, or head down to our showroom to test them for yourself!

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