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Repair of AKAME mobility scooters

Akame mobility scooter repair

We are now taking care of the after-sales needs of all Akame mobility scooter owners!

We have so far handled 6 Akame scooter repairs. 4 of them were relative simple change of battery jobs.

One was for Mr Chng at Boon Keng, one of his tyres had a puncture. Instead of changing the tube which would have cost $30 (excluding labour), we used a tyre sealant which costed him only $5. Furthermore, we added sealant to all 4 tyres, which means his tyres would be puncture-proof for the next 1 - 2 years or so.

Another was for Mdm Kang, whose scooter was having stoppage problems despite changing battery recently. It was diagnosed to he a misaligned carbon brush, so it was resolved quickly and without the need to change parts.

So if you have a scooter that needs to be repaired, please don't hesitate to contact Falcon Mobility!


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