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TriCa X 3-Wheel Electric Scooter


  • $1,599.00
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The TriCa X is an affordable, foldable, lightweight and portable 3-wheel electric scooter designed to meet your last-mile transportation needs!

It weighs only 20 kg, travels up to 30 km, and can be folded easily and pulled along like a trolley! This makes it easy to put in a car boot, and does not take up much space in the home.

It also comes with a USB charging port to charge your mobile phone on the go!


Highly Recommended for:

The TriCa X is a great scooter for people with mild walking difficulties, or even able-bodied persons who aren't able to balance on 2-wheeled vehicles such as e-scooters or hoverboards.

** TriCa X is NOT designed for people with more serious mobility issues. For such users, please choose a 4-wheeled mobility scooter **

Electric Scooter Features:

  • Scooter can be easily folded within seconds.
  • 30 km maximum range per charge.
  • Has both Forward and Reverse functions.
  • Comes with USB charging port, for charging your mobile phone on the go!
  • Wheels are big enough for use on MRT trains.
  • Comes with both electro-magnetic brakes and a mechanical brake.
  • Mechanical brake can be locked for safety when mounting or dismounting the scooter.
  • 5 adjustable speeds, ranging from 8 km/h to 15 km/h.



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