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Phoenix HD 3-Wheeled Portable Mobility Scooter

Phoenix HD 3-Wheeled Portable Mobility Scooter

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The Phoenix HD Mobility Scooter packs more performance than most other portable travel scooters.  

As with most other portable scooters, the Phoenix HD quickly disassembles into 4 easy-to-handle pieces. It also has a removable battery pack which can be charged separately from the scooter. 

With new interchangeable colour panels, you can choose to have a red scooter, a blue one, or a mixture of both, anytime you please!

This latest edition also comes with an LED headlight, a USB port for charging mobile devices, as well as a delta tiller suitable for hemiplegic users that can only drive with one hand.

The 3-wheel Phoenix scooter is slightly lighter, costs less, and has a better than radius than the 4-wheel version.


Highly Recommended for:

Mobility scooters are most popular among the elderly who are able to walk, but not over long distances. The scooter extends their travelling range, allowing them to maintain their social life and perform routine tasks such as grocery shopping.

The Phoenix HD 3 is best suited for nearby neighbourhood use, especially in suburban areas. Its compactness allows it to be used in tight spaces like restaurants and supermarkets. It is also portable enough to fit into most car/taxi boots if you want to bring it to places further away.  


Transport Suitability Rating: Taxi/Car—Good

Mobility Scooter Features: 

  • LTA compliant personal mobility aid (PMA).
  • Charger comes with Singapore Safety Mark.
  • 350 lb weight capacity
  • 3 Wheel configuration allows scooter to nimbly negotiate indoor obstacles
  • Quick and easy disassembly into 4 easy-to-transport pieces
  • Comfortable, height adjustable seat with flip back, adjustable width arms
  • 4 mph top speed and a 12 mile maximum cruising range
  • Solid, non-marking, flat-free tires for worry-free travel
  • Large front carry basket
  • Adjustable angle tiller has auto-straightening feature and allows the user to position the controller into the most ideal driving position
  • Anti-tip wheels for greater safety
  • Seat back folds completely flat, which comes in handy when transporting or storing the scooter
  • Includes two sets of interchangeable color panels in red & blue
  • Comes with easy to remove, quick connect battery pack that can be charged separately from the scooter
  • Headlight for enhanced safety
  • Ergonomic “Finger-Pull” throttle makes it easier for those with limited strength or dexterity to operate the scooter.
  • Convenient free-wheel release knob.


Dimensions (l x w) : 
38.5" x 21.7" / 98 cm x 55 cm
Base weight : 
66.6 lbs / 30.3 kg
Battery weight : 
30.6 lbs / 13.8 kg
Seat weight : 
23.8 lbs / 10.8 kg
Gross weight : 
Front Wheel Dimension : 
8”x2”/20cm x5cm SOLID
Rear Wheel Dimension : 
9”x3”/22cm x8cm SOLID
Battery (included) : 
20 AH, 12V X 2
Charger : 
2 A Off Board
Maximum speed : 
4 mph / 6.4 kmh
Maximum capacity : 
350 lbs / 158 kg
Cruising range : 
Up to12.5miles/20km
Turning radius : 
Seat Dimension : 
18”/46cm (Width), 17.5” / 44 cm (Depth)
Backrest height : 
15” / 38 cm
Seat-to-deck height : 
13.5”–15.5”/34–39 cm Adjustable
Seat-to-floor height : 
20”–22”/51 - 56 cm Adjustble
Armrest Dimensions : 
9” / 23 cm (Height), 12.5” / 32 cm (Length)
Armrest-to-armrest width : 
19”–23”/48–54 cm Adjustable
Climbing angle : 
Controller : 
PG 70A
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Customer Reviews

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Kallai Poon
I had used three Falcon Mobility scooter very good scooter!

I had used three Falcon Mobility scooter very good scooter only the battery need to change ever 11-12 months now my new battery need to change battery.

Thank you for trusting Falcon Mobility Kallai!