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Extended Warranty - Mobie Mobility Scooter

Extended Warranty - Mobie Mobility Scooter

  • $250.00

Concerned that repairs of your Personal Mobility Aid (PMA) costs you a bomb after your warranty expires? Take up one of our Extended Warranty packages, and let us manage that risk for you!

The extended warranty package includes Parts, Labour and Transportation (Singapore only), but excludes batteries and other wear & tear.

Batteries are excluded, but they come with their own independent 6-month warranty when purchased from us.

Also excluded from the package are:

  • Tyres, handgrips, armpads, upholstery, cushions, baskets, and other wear & tear items
  • Increase in operational noise
  • Accessories
  • Aesthetics (e.g. Paintwork, Rust)
  • Damage due to Accident, Misuse or Modification