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Airwheel Rental

Airwheel Smart Travel Luggage Rental

There are many things that we only need for a short time. While it’s nice to have our own items, if you’ll only be needing something a few times, it may make sense to rent those items instead of buying them.

The length of the rental agreement is frequently negotiable, and renting saves money in the long run.

Rather than paying full price for our Smart Luggage Scooter, you should consider renting it. Even if you decide to buy our Smart Luggage Scooter, renting is often a great way to try out products before making the final decision. 

You can Rent as low as $9.90/day

Airwheel Rental Terms

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Calling us at: 
+65 6774 7518
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(For more info on our Rental Rates and Terms & Conditions Click Here)

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Major benefits of renting our Smart Luggage Scooter

1) No Maintenance Costs or Repair Bills

One of the benefits of renting a Smart Luggage Scooter is that there are no maintenance costs or repair bills. This means that when you rent a Smart Luggage Scooter, Falcon Mobility assumes full responsibility for all maintenance and repairs.

Owners, on the other hand, are responsible for all repair and maintenance  costs.

2) No Goods and Services Tax (GST)

One of the major benefits of renting versus owning is that renters don’t have to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST). 

3) More Flexibility 

Renters have less worries such as space saving and battery may spoil easily if not frequently used for those who travel less.

4) Lower Utility Costs

Although the electrical usage cost may be minimal, it can be easily overlooked. Such as for those who are not frequent traveler, the Airwheel Smart Luggage Scooter’s Battery/Power bank has to be charged periodically to avoid it from spoiling due to the cause of the Battery/Power bank’s electrolyte to dry out and be damaged, it can cause physical deformation of the battery such as swelling.


You can Rent as low as $9.90/day

Make your reservation by

Calling us at: +65 6774 7518
Email us at:

Or make a purchase Here

Pros and cons


  • It’s cheaper to rent a new Airwheel Smart Luggage Scooter than it is to buy it.
  • Rental agreements are more flexible in comparison to opting for credit card loan payments or BuyNowPayLater repayments.
  • When you want to switch up to a new model, you don’t need to go to the hassle of selling your existing Airwheel Smart Luggage Scooter.
  • You are not responsible for repairs or maintenance on Smart Luggage Scooter. (Subject to if you are responsible for any major damages, For more info Click Here)
  • If you only need a Smart Luggage Scooter occasionally for short term-use, renting a Smart Luggage Scooter is more convenient and cheaper.
  • You have the freedom to rent newer or other models (When Available) any time you wish to.


  • If you’re renting a Smart Luggage Scooter, you might be subject to penalties if you exceed your allocated rental dates or otherwise fail to comply with other terms of your agreement. (For more info Click Here)
  • You won’t recoup any money at the end of your rental. Whereas when you own a Airwheel Smart Luggage Scooter, you may opt to sell it and put the funds towards your newer model.
  • You don’t have the freedom to personalize your Smart Luggage Scooter as you would if you owned it.

Airwheel Rental Rates and Terms & Conditions Page

Download: Airwheel Smart Luggage Scooter Rental Rates and Terms & Conditions

You can Rent as low as $9.90/day

Make your reservation by

Calling us at: +65 6774 7518
Email us at:

Or you can Buy one, Click Here