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ASSURE Combine Dressing

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ASSURE Combine Dressing – Your Essential Wound Care Companion for Optimal Healing

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ASSURE Combine Dressing – a fundamental wound care solution designed to provide the necessary protection and support for a variety of wounds. Simple yet effective, this dressing is a must-have in any first aid kit or medical setting to ensure proper wound healing.

Combine Dressing has been a staple in wound care for many years, known for its simplicity, reliability, and effectiveness. Trusted by healthcare professionals and first responders alike, this dressing is an essential tool in managing wounds of various sizes and types.

Equip yourself with the Combine Dressing and be prepared for any unexpected injuries or wound care needs. Its straightforward design and reliable performance make it a go-to dressing for optimal wound healing.


Available in:

  • ASSURE Combine Dressing 10cm X 20cm 20 pce/Box
  • ASSURE Combine Dressing 20cm X 20cm 10 pce/Box

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