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Motorised Wheelchair almost Knocked Down by Bus

Motorised wheelchair going against traffic


This motorised wheelchair user was almost knocked down by a bus this afternoon. He was on the main road, going against traffic, and was narrowly missed by a bus turning into a bus stop.

I shouted out to him, told him it's dangerous to drive on the road, should drive on the pavement. He just ignored me, shook his head, said something (which I couldn't hear, but I doubt it was pleasant), and continued driving on.

This video which I took shortly after gives you an idea of how dangerous it was.

Under the LTA Active Mobility Bill, motorised wheelchairs and mobility scooters are classified as Personal Mobility Aids (PMAs), which should go on pavements and are not allowed on the roads.

This user can claim ignorance about the Bill, but there is no excuse for going on the road against traffic. And certainly there's no reason for not using the pavement I was standing on, which is wide, flat, and already made wheelchair-accessible with ramps.

I have sent this video to LTA and asked for some enforcement action to be taken in this area. 


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