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LTA Specifications for Personal Mobility Aids (PMAs)

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LTA Restrictions on Personal Mobility Aids (PMAs)

Land Transport Authority (LTA) has just issued a circular to retailers of Personal Mobility Aids (PMAs), spelling out the technical specifications for PMAs to be used on public paths.

PMAs refer to motorised wheelchairs and mobility scooters, which are devices designed to carry individuals with walking difficulties. There is no restriction on the maximum weight or width of the device, but it must not have a maximum speed exceeding 10 km/h.

The penalty for riding a non-compliant PMA on a public foot path is a FINE of up to $5,000, or JAIL up to 3 months, or BOTH.

ALL of the electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters sold by Falcon Mobility are now LTA-compliant, so our customers need not worry about this.

LTA Rules on where Personal Mobility Aids (PMAs) can be used

In addition, we have been telling all our customers that PMAs cannot be used on the road, that they should always stick to the pavements. The penalty for riding a non-compliant PMA on a road is a FINE of up to $2,000, or JAIL up to 3 months, or BOTH.


For people who have bought non-compliant PMAs in the past, please visit our showroom now to buy an LTA-compliant mobility scooter today!


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