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Living A Mature Life Without Limit With Electric Scooters

Living A Mature Life Without Limit With Electric Scooters

Getting older is an avoidable human transition. Everybody will eventually get old. However, elderlies often find it hard to come to terms with deteriorating health and age-related limitations, such as mobility issues.

Many elderlies desire to maintain activeness. While it is crucial that they maintain physical activeness, above all, it is even more important that they maintain social activeness – maintaining free movement, mobility, and social relations. Whether it is going to the supermarket to buy some necessities, or visiting their friends in the nearby park for some chit-chat session, ensuring that they are able to continue doing so is vital.

Hence, getting an electric scooter for elderlies can help them live a mature life without limits, making it easier for them to be active and move around easier.

Being independent

Ageing comes with a multitude of age-related issues, such as deteriorating hearing and eyesight, slowed reflexes, or weakened motor coordination. Hence, it is always recommended for elderlies to stop driving at a certain age to protect themselves as well as the people around them. As such, elderlies have to adapt to taking public transport or rely on family members who are available to give them a lift.

With the change in lifestyle, many might struggle with the additional distance needed to take to walk to the nearest public transport or the lack of mobility. Hence, most elderlies choose to stay at home, which results in an increase in loneliness, isolation, and frustration. Not only does it accelerate their ageing process, but it also increases the risk of developing dementia. Torn between the difficulty of ageing and their previous independence, many of them are not able to find a clear solution.

A solution for active and modern elderlies

How can elderlies look to maintain an active lifestyle and be able to do so inexpensively, comfortably, and autonomously? Through the use of PMAs such as an electric scooter or electric wheelchair.

A highly safe solution that takes them almost everywhere

While the initial cost of purchasing one, at a couple of thousand, can appear steep, it really is a long-term investment. All the elderly need to travel about is to ensure that the PMA’s battery is fully charged. With a PMA, they can resume their prior independence, not only visiting places in Singapore but also around the world.

They are also a highly safe solution. An electric scooter typically comes in either a three- or four-wheel model. Because of such designs, they are highly stable and balanced, with chances of it tipping over at an incredibly low rate. Electric scooters also run at a low and safe speed, which makes them easier to control for elderlies. Added features, such as spacious seats with armrests, a basket for shopping for small items, as well an alarm system, make them ideal independent machines for elderlies who seek an independent and comfortable lifestyle.


Human desires independence and we can help our elderly loved ones achieve their desired level of independence in a safe and secure manner with the use of PMAs. If you are looking to empower your loved ones with some of the best ranges of PMAs in Singapore, then look no further than Falcon Mobility. You may view our products at or contact us at +65 6774 7518 to approach our staff for mobility advice.

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