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How Seniors Have Found Independence With PMA Devices

How Seniors Have Found Independence With PMA Devices

In the past, people over the age of 75 would inevitably need constant supervision and support because even the most basic tasks such as getting up or walking to the kitchen were physically taxing for them. But because of modern technology and the introduction of automated mobility devices, the elderly enjoy more than a handful of advantages that come with motorised wheelchairs, including independence.

But how exactly do these devices help mum and dad be more self-reliant? Read on to learn more.

Everything is automated

When you think about wheelchairs, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the manual type where the wheels have push rims on them that the user can use to navigate through a given area. While this has been the go-to wheelchair for the longest time, this isn't ideal if you want your mum or dad to regain their sense of independence because pushing the wheels of a traditional wheelchair is physically taxing.

Sure, it can do basic navigations such as bringing them to the bathroom for a potty break or the kitchen if they're hungry. But only to a specific period because using a manual-type wheelchair independently for long periods can be very tiring. It might even be nearly impossible for some seniors who get tired quickly. On the other hand, electric wheelchairs mitigate the need for manual work because they can be manoeuvred without physically turning the wheels. 

Lesser need for assistance

Manual-type wheelchairs aren't bad because some people can get by with them. However, it must be noted that they aren't the best option to help mum and dad be more self-reliant because their functionalities are limited. They can do the basic tasks, but the user would still need assistance from someone else, such as going up or down a ramp. 

To help lessen the need for assistance, there are motorised wheelchairs that feature the ability to go up a steep ramp without you or the user having to worry about the device going in reverse because of gravity. There is also a feature that allows the PMA user to go down a ramp safely. One can only enjoy these things when they invest in a suitable quality motorised wheelchair.  


Motorised or electric wheelchairs come with many features and advantages that their traditional and manual counterpart doesn't have, all of which contribute to helping their user regain their independence and go about their day needing little to no supervision.

If you are looking for an electric wheelchair for mum or dad, have a go at our offerings from Falcon Mobility. We offer a comprehensive range of PMA devices, all of which you can test out to see if they are the perfect fit for your intended use. Get in touch with us today and start helping your mum and dad feel and be more independent!

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