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HDB to Subsidize Ramps for Multi-step Flats

HDB wheelchair ramp subsidy

HDB announced on 28th April 2018 that wheelchair-bound residents living in flats with multi-step entrances can apply for up to 95% subsidy for the installation of wheelchair ramps.

This is no doubt great news for immobile residents living in such flats. There are about 170,000 such flats in Singapore.

Previously, we have had a lot of clients who need mobility scooters or motorised wheelchairs, but stay in such flats, and therefore have difficulty getting their mobility aid into the house.

Even though both portable and customized wheelchair ramps are already available in the market, they cost almost as much as the mobility aid.

So for such cases we have been recommending either lightweight electric wheelchairs or portable mobility scooters. Alternatively, we also have many customers who buy an anti-theft alarm to deter would-be thieves and pranksters from touch their mobility aids.

We look forward to the later part of 2018 when this subsidy becomes available. Consumers will now have more choice!

And at Falcon Mobility, we will ramp up efforts (no pun intented) to source for good quality, portable wheelchair ramps for the Singapore market.


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