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Face Shield or Face Masks?

Face shield or face masks

Based on the new guidelines updated by the Ministry of Health (MOH) on 26th May 2020, you can now wear a face shield instead of a face mask when you leave your house. But should you wear a face shield or face mask?

It really boils down to what is the level of protection you want, versus the level of comfort that you need.

For maximum protection, you can wear both a face shield and a face mask, preferably an N95 respirator mask or the equivalent KN95. This is what the medical workers in the most high-risk environments use.

The face shield is more comfortable and also protects eyes as well as your whole face, but does not have anti-bacterial filters to block out pathogens lingering in the air from getting into your respiratory system. Surgical masks and N95 respirators do, but they don't cover the eyes.

However, COVID-19 is primarily a respiratory disease, not an eye disease. It is definitely more important to block the virus from getting in through your nose and mouth than through your eyes.

So I would advise caution if you are thinking of ditching these masks completely in favour of face shields. Also, in certain settings such as commuting on public transport, the use of face masks is mandatory anyway, and face shields are not allowed as replacements.

But for situations where you require comfort more than protection and safe distancing can be maintained, then you can consider using just a face shield without a face mask.

Stay Safe, Singaporeans, and let's beat COVID-19 together!



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