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Convincing Your Senior Parents To Stop Driving & Use PMAs

Convincing Your Senior Parents To Stop Driving & Use PMAs

When is the right time, and where do you start? One thing you should be aware of before you raise the topic is that this change in lifestyle involves everyone in the family. Hence, to aid you and your family in the conversation of getting your senior parents to transit from driving to using a PMA, we have compiled some suggestions to do so.

Framing the conversation as a change in lifestyle rather than a loss

It is human nature to feel devastated when we are told that we can no longer do something we have been doing all our lives and enjoy doing so – whatever that might be. Trying to frame the conversation as a change rather than a loss adds a touch of positivity. Telling your senior parents in a straightforward manner that they should stop driving is almost inviting an argument to happen.

Rather than stop driving straightaway, which can often be mistranslated as telling them not to leave the house, maybe suggest that they reduce their driving gradually. Many elderlies are worried that once they stop driving, they do not have alternative transportation. Hence, the best way of approaching this sensitive topic is to assure them that this is an alternative way to enjoy life in a safer manner; one that will also bring many benefits.

Finding transportation alternatives

There are many PMAs available in the market. Falcon Mobility have got a wide range of products, from wheelchairs to electric scooters for elderlies. The use of mobility scooters indeed allows them to get around anywhere they want independently. They are the ideal transportation alternatives to driving a car.

Be considerate towards their feelings

At the end of the day, safety is the ultimate concern for both you and your senior parents. With a realistic approach towards the risks to not only their safety but others on the road, your parents might be more receptive towards adjusting their usual lifestyle, such as driving. Many families might take extra measures by hiding their parents’ car keys or selling their cars. However, the goal is not to approach this change in a negative manner but to remind them that even without the use of cars, there are people who still are able to enjoy life the same.

We want you to be comfortable when discussing with your senior parents as well as allow them to feel at ease when making such a significant decision. Always be patient, as it will take a while for reality to sink in, both for your parents and your family.


Convincing your senior parents to stop driving and use PMAs instead is not necessary an intervention. You do not need to wait for something serious to happen before you and your family step in. Do it with the best interest in mind and be as considerate and comforting as possible. If there is anything we hope you take away with you from this article is to share adequate and correct information about transportation alternatives with them and always be patient in this process. Keep in mind that when they are ready to take the next step, we are the ones that will make them seamlessly adapt to this new change.

Looking for the ideal transportation alternatives for your senior parents? Look no further than Falcon Mobility. With our years of experience, our team is able to connect you with the right PMA best suited to your budget and needs. For more information, head to to find out more today!

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