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How we're keeping Seniors Active and Mobile during the "Circuit Breaker" period

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COVID-19 is affecting everyone in Singapore, especially our elderly. Even though they are still allowed to go out during this "Circuit Breaker" period to perform essential tasks like buying groceries and seeking medical attention, how can they do so if they have mobility problems and their mobility scooter or electric wheelchair has broken down?

Falcon Mobility has come up with a very robust response plan to keep our senior citizens active and mobile during this time despite having to close our showroom. Here are the main points.

1. We will offer FREE home trials for personal mobility aids (PMA), such as mobility scooters or motorised wheelchairs. The PMA will be sanitized after every trial to ensure the safety of both our staff and our customers.

2. We will offer FREE deliveries for online purchase of wheelchairs, rollators and portable wheelchair ramps.

3. Our on-site repair and battery change services remain available. We will sanitize all the PMA before commencing any repair work.

4. Our service centre will remain open for repairs, as well as the purchase of essential spare parts such as batteries, chargers and tyres. For non-essential parts and accessories such as arm pads, cushions, covers, mirrors and baskets, please ask for delivery, or delay your purchase until after the Circuit Breaker period is over.

5. Most of our customer service staff will work from home, but the phone lines will be FULLY MANNED, and there is no disruption in our ability to communicate with customers.

Tough times never last, but tough people do. And Singaporeans are a tough lot.

Let's keep going, Singapore!


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